The 2nd International Conference on Creative Industries and Knowledge Economy (CIKE2023)
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2022 International Conference on Creative Industry and Knowledge Economy(CIKE 2022)

came to a successful conclusion!


2022 International Conference on Creative Industry and Knowledge Economy(CIKE 2022)was held  online on March 25, 2022. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! Attendees discussed   Creative Industry and Knowledge Economy related areas with 4 keynote speakers and 4 oral speakers.

Part One:  Keynote Speeches

First, Prof. Zhonghui Jiang, from School of Management, Ocean University of China, made his keynote speech, the title of his speech is: The dark side of entrepreneurial self-efficacy: Investigating how and when entrepreneurial self-efficacy impedes innovative opportunities identification.


Then, before the second speaker, we took  screenshots of all participants. 


Next, Prof. Shuguang Liu, from School of Economics, Ocean University of China, made his keynote speech, the title of his speech is: New Era Marine Economic Development & International Cooperation of China.


Prof. Rasha Khalil, from Sichuan International Studies University, China, made her speech, the tittle of her speech is: Disruptive Technology.


The fourth keynote speaker A. Prof. Youyu Dai, International Business School, Shandong Jiaotong University, China, the title of his speech is: The dialogue between tradition and modernity: exploring creative cultural tourism design in the ‘internet plus’ era


Next, we moved to the oral presentations.

Part Two:  Oral Presentations

1.Lanqing He, Chongqing Technology and Business University, China

Title: Consider the tripartite game behavior analysis of the shared accommodation trading market trusted by tourists


2.Ziyan Liu, University of New South Wales, USA

Title: Research on Women-friendly City Construction under She-economics Background


3. Yimin Wang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Title: The Dilemma and Strategies to Realize Smart Manufacturing under the Concept of "human-machine Collaboration + Short Video Communication" in Greater Bay Area


4. Yuanyuan Xu, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Title: Leadership succession and scientific research output of universities


These scholars shared their execellent and advanced opinion on the confenrence of CIKE 2022, thanks for their inspiring report. Thank you for your attention and hope to meet you guy next time!