The 2nd International Conference on Creative Industries and Knowledge Economy (CIKE2023)
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Keynote Speakers


Prof. Rasha Khalil

Sichuan International Studies University, China

Research Areas: International Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Economic Law, Leadership and Innovation, Orgnizational Behaviour.

Speech Tittle: The Dynamic Value of the Creative Industries in Sustainable Development


The significant impact of creative industries on achieving sustainable development is undeniable since it plays crucial role in enhancing the economic performance and boosting innovation.There is a strong correlation between creative industries and innovation. On one hand, creative industries support innovation through providing creative inputs such as creative ideas for new products, supplementary products and services or innovative marketing techniques. On the other hand, these creative industries rely heavily on innovative technology, in particular communication technologies.

Yet to what extenct the society is able to utilize and promote innovation and creative industries depends on the formulating supporting strategic plans and public policies at national and regional level.


Prof. Asad Khalil

Southwest University of Political Science and Law,  China

Research Areas: Belt and Road, International Law, Politics 

Speech Tittle: The Belt and Road through Arabia; Current Challenges and Future Directions


In his keynote speech, Prof. Asad Khalil highlights the role of the Arabia in China's "Belt and Road" initiative taking into consideration that China and the Arab countries have mutual understanding and ancient friendship dating back to the past and to the era of the Silk Road.

As a director of the Sino-Arab Legal Research Center at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Prof. Asad Khalil will overview the unique relationships between the China and the Arab countries as natural partners in the joint construction project of the "Belt and Road Initative" through the principles of mutual discussion, joint construction and building a society based on common interests of the two nations.

The speech will examine the Belt and Road initiative in Arabia from legal and cultural perspectives and will discuss the current challenges and future opportunities for the two sides.

Keynote Speakers 


Prof. Rami Khalil

Sichuan International Studies University, China

Research Areas: Cross-cultural communication, Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Urban Planning, Green Cities, Circular Economics

Speech Title: Creative Chinese Economy and Knowledge-Based Society


Creative economy is a rather new concept that started developing during the last decade, being currently applied to a variety of activities and professions. It has become an important sector of the global economy, being sustained and promoted by the Chinese government, especially in the context of an innovative and knowledge-based society. Within this new type of economy, creativity, innovation and knowledge management are essential factors that lead to a smart, sustainable and inclusive development in regard to the creation of new jobs and to the social inclusion requirements. The creative industries / sectors include art, research, advertising, movies, theatre, software, with the possibility of the concept of creative economy to be extended to other non-artistic and IT related fields, where improvements are expected to arise through innovation and creativity. This keynote speech highlights the methodology consists of both qualitative and quantitative methods, while the research questions to be answered are What is the degree of innovation in China compared to other states? What can be done in order to increase the level of innovation in China? In this viewpoint, the paper analyzes the development of the creative industries / sectors in China, in the context of creative economy and innovation.


 Prof.Jose Prabhu. J

Nova Academy- Management Department- INDIA

Research Areas:Sustainability and Engineering management, Business Management, Financial Markets, Systems and Information Technology, Design and Multimemedia studies

Speech Title: Sustainability and Engineering management, Business Management, Financial Markets, Systems and Information Technology, Design and Multimemedia studies

Abstract: E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. E-commerce customers and businesses can save time and money. Customers can find more products to choose from, and businesses also get a wider range of customers who can shop at their stores. E-commerce is not perfect, and customers may not be able to get their products as quickly as they could at a physical store.With customer service bots powered by AI, retail e-commerce stores can overcome their labor costs and give 24×7 help to the customers. This will not only enhance customer service but also reduce the sales journey of a customer and pull in more purchasers to the store. In this lecture I will explain the systematic review of e-commerce and marketing management in a retail sector among the knowledge economy.